When we are looking for yoga clothes, our main priority is comfort. Of course, everyone (women especially) wants to look good when practicing yoga; however, comfort is the most important thing. Beauty is a thing of the outside world; when you practice, you need to concentrate on what’s inside. And, to do that, you need to be utterly comfortable within your body and within your mind.

When choosing yoga pants for your regular yoga practice, you need to pay attention to a lot of things. What material are they made of? Are they breathable? Do they stretch well enough to allow you to flow through all the yoga poses? Is the material soft and comfortable on the skin? Will it start pilling after several wears? Is the material durable? Is the size right?

Another element of design that requires a special attention is the gusset. Not all yoga pants have one. However, it is an essential component of yoga pants. If pants come without one, they will cause a lot of discomfort, especially in some poses.

The crotch is the part of pants where four seams meet and create a lot of pressure, especially when you do a Low Lunge. Due to a lot of seams, this place is also the tightest and does not stretch, so the crotch area of your pants might give a tear if you do any of the wide-legged poses.

Another issue of yoga pants without a gusset has a purely aesthetic character. The thing is, all those seams really cut into your delicate body parts, creating the sadly known “camel toe issue”. It looks rather unattractive.

If your yoga pants have a gusset, you can avoid all those problems. Yoga pants with a gusset offer a fuller freedom of movement. Besides, this element of design increases the durability of the garment.

Gussets can be of two types – triangular and diamond-shaped. They usually consist of two layers to offer a durable and hygienic cover for your delicate area. Besides, a gusset will make sure that the area is completely non-transparent, which is very important if you practice in a public class.

When choosing a new pair of yoga pants, inspect the crotch area carefully and make sure that there is a gusset sewn in instead of the four seams running together. All the best yoga leggings have a gusset to alleviate unnecessary pressure and offer you a full range of motion during your practice.